High Scool writing vs. College writing

Understanding College English

Source: studytiger.com
Is reading and writing in college really more difficult than high school? Learning to read and write in high school seems different rather than distant. College reading and writing is extensive and dissimilar in comparison to high school level material. Although others may argue that college writing is harder than high school material, I view it as a different way of writing that needs to be practiced in order to establish the same level of excellence in college writing that we previously had in high school. High school had always been organized and simple complete with stepping stones to help students form their essays the way the teacher wanted. College gives the writer much more freedom with their work other than what’s expected from the collegiate, we are free to write in whatever fashion we please as long as it’s on track with the assignments. Being separated from the crutches of high school teachers and Jane Schaffer writing sheets doesn’t make it college more difficult just more mature. For example, college students use whatever fits them to organize their writing without the support or guidance of a stand-by teacher, and still create a supported argument with a good structural foundation. This is expected rather than re-approached, sharpened our back ground skills like spelling, formatting, and creating to prepare us for the argument style of writing done in college.

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