Relationships In Writing

Relationships Healed by Writing
What is a relationship? It could be classified as an intimate relationship, a sisterhood, brotherhood, friends from school, etc. But all in all a relationship is the way you interact with people in your life. Relationships are generally perceived to be something positive in one’s life; but no matter what; all relationships have problems. People argue, and naturally come into conflict with one another.

Growing up I had difficulties with certain aspects of my relationships’ with friends’ and family. I can remember always having a mountain of anxiety when it came to reconciliation. Anytime I was in trouble it was a struggle for me to make an attempt to talk to whomever was upset with me. I would pace around the kitchen thinking of excuses and reasons I should wait to apologize for my actions. I wanted to be that girl who could just approach my parents and just say “I’m sorry, I know what I did was wrong.” I am as stubborn as it gets, though, so that was just not an option for me.

There came a day when I knew what I could do to fix my problems caused by reluctance to face someone and reconcile. I was sitting at my brand new mahogany desk, and I had an epiphany. “If I have such a hard time saying my feelings, then why don’t I just write them,” I thought to myself. I opened up the drawer and took out a brand new number two pencil and a clean sheet of white paper. Never had I felt as comfortable with my feelings as I did when I was writing them down. It felt so natural, and everything that was bottled up in my complicated brain was now word vomit all over a piece of paper; but to me, it all made sense. I wrote about how I was sorry for lying, and that I would promise to never do it again.

That day when I was eight years old, I found out something lifesaving. Writing was an escape for me, and I knew growing up it would be one of my
best friends.
Writing not only helped me channel my emotions to my parents, it also helped me on one very sad occasion.
Just as I was horrible at apologizing in person, I also struggled with condolences. It was the summer before seventh grade, and I had been struggling with the relationship between me and my best friend, Riley. That day, I happened to be scrolling through my Myspace, when suddenly I saw something heartbreaking pop up onto the screen. Riley’s mother had been pregnant, and her baby had been born a stillborn that day. I couldn’t believe it; my face was just a blank stare and suddenly I felt like I needed to do something to help her get through this difficult time.

I wanted Riley to know exactly what I was trying to express to her, and the heartache I felt for her. I could be clear about my thoughts if I wrote; rather than if I were to approach her and talk to her I would get confused and have a difficult time expressing myself. I knew what to do though; so I took out a piece of yellow construction paper, some markers, and started creating a card to give to Riley.

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